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Trail Stops


 Starting at the intersection of Hwy 49 & Hwy 13 in Erin (better known locally as the “Cross Roads”) you can travel in all four directions and find a quilt path.

Stop 1: Traditions First Bank

Evening Star at Traditions First Bank

Evening Star

  5745 East Main Street- Erin

 Evening Star is located at Traditions First Bank at the intersection of Hwy 49 and Hwy 149.  It represents twilight “the time between times”.
The block is sponsored by Traditions First Bank.

 Stop 2: Valley View Farms

Double Irish Chain

725 Bethany Road – Erin  Located just off Hwy 49 East

Double Irish Chain adorns a barn on one of Houston County’s seven Century Farms.
It is sponsored by farm owners, Allen and Suzanne McCampbell and Bennetta James and the late Russell James.

 Stop 3: Loftin Home

Celtic Chase
129 Jones Hollow Lane- Erin

Celtic Chase is located just off Hwy 49E and Salmon Branch on Jones Hollow Lane at the home of William and Elaine Loftin.  Their historic 1780’s log home was
built before Tennessee became a state.

 Stop 4: Erin City Hall

Lough Corrib

15 Hill Street- Erin

Lough Corrib is located on the East side of Erin’s City Hall building.  It is one of three of Philomena Duncan’s quilt designs.  It symbolizes Corrib Lake in the heart of Galway, Erin’s sister city in Ireland.  It is sponsored by the City of Erin.

 Stop 5: Court Square

True Lover's Knot

True Lover’s Knot

24 Court Square- Erin
East side of Archie’s TV & Appliance Store

True Lover’s Knot is sponsored by Houston County Historical Society.

 Stop 6: Mitchum’s Drug Co.

Irish CladdaghIrish Claddagh

Located on the side of Mitchum’s Drug Co. West side of building
Court Square on the corner of Spring & Front Streets

Irish Claddagh  traditionally represents love, friendship and loyalty.
This quilt is sponsored by Mitchum Drug Co.

patch blocks

Also located on the Mitchum Drug Co. building are two patch blocks in traditional Irish Orange and Green.  These are located on the Strawberry Alley side of the building.

 Stop 7: Houston County Area Chamber of Commerce

Elf & Dragonfly

68 South Spring Street- Erin

Located on the old railroad depot building, now the office of the Chamber of Commerce.
The Elf and Dragonfly block is sponsored by Web Mitchum.

 Stop 8: Paul’s Pizza Palace

Celtic Snowflake

15 Spring Street – Erin

Celtic Snowflake is located on the north side of Paul’s Pizza Palace building.  Irish colors enhance this unique design.  The border, entitled “Josephine’s Knot” will soon be available as a bookmark.
This block is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

 Stop 9: Accents Florist

Children of Lir

85 Spring Street- Erin

The Children of Lir is located on the back of Accents Florist and can be viewed traveling east on Main Street.  This is the second of Celtic quilt designer Philomena Duncan’s designs.  Her design depicts legend and lore along with her Irish blessing.
This block is sponsored by the Houston County Area Chamber of Commerce.

Stop 10: Houston County Arts Council

Crossing Paths Through Art

Adkins Drive located just off Court Square
on the north side of the square

This block is sponsored by the Houston County Arts Council.

Stop 11: Rye’s Automotive

Celtic Cross

3787 West Main Street – Erin
Hwy 49

Celtic Cross is located on Rye’s Automotive Shop and sponsored by owners Cary and Amy Rye.  Celtic Cross is indicative of the Celtic Knot having no beginning and no end.

 Stop 12: Houston County Middle School

Celtic Wisdom

3460 West Main Street- Erin
Hwy 49

Celtic Wisdom is located on the Houston County Middle School and is sponsored by the Houston County Board of Education.

 Stop 13: Houston County Recreation Building

St. Patrick’s Day

411 McMillan Street – Erin

St. Patrick’s Day compliments the side of the Houston County Recreation Club building. This can be found behind the ball fields at Houston County Middle School and viewed traveling west on Main Street.

This block is sponsored by the Houston County Recreation Club.

Stop 14:  Coleman Lumber & Home Center

EPSON scanner image
colemanlumberCeltic Tree of Life
Coleman Lumber & Home Center
3485 West Main Street Erin.
Look closely at this block when you stop. Many of the Coleman family members names are listed on the leaves of this Tree of Life.
This block is sponsored by the Coleman Family

Stop 15:  Bettye Summers’ residence

Celtic Steeds

1201 Hwy 49 West- Tn Ridge

A horse lover herself, Mrs. Bettye Summers sponsored Celtic Steeds.  This block  is located on her barn.  You will need to look for the Youth Center off of Hwy 49 traveling towards Tn Ridge and turn beside it.

Stop 16:  Napa Auto Parts

EPSON scanner imageCherry Wine Medallion
927 Hwy 49 Tn Ridge

 block is sponsored by Eldon Schmidt

Stop 17:  Schmidt Logging Shop

EPSON scanner imageThe Gathering

The Gathering located at Schmidt Logging Shop near the Grey’s Crossing Tn Ridge on Main Street.
This block is sponsored by Jason Schmidt

Stop 18: Centerstone Building

Stained Glass

1330 North Main Street – Tn Ridge
Hwy 147

Stained Glass is a kaleidoscope of colors located on the Centerstone Building and is sponsored by the Houston County Family and Community Education.

 Stop 19: Tn Ridge City Hall

TNRidge City Hall002Melody of Spring

Tn Ridge City Hall
2300 South Main Street Tn Ridge

This block is sponsored by the City of Tn Ridge.

 Stop 20: The Ridge Restaurant

Kell’s Knot

1990 South Main Street – Tn Ridge

The Kell’s Knot is a design adapted from an 8th Century manuscript from the “The Book of Kell’s” located in Dublin.
It is sponsored by The Ridge Restaurant owners Shelia Cathey and Billy Surrett.

 Stop 21: Southernaire Restaurant

Kell's Knot II

Kell’s Knot II

50 Overlook Lane- Stewart

Kell’s Knot II is the third of Philomena Duncan’s designs.  It is adapted from “The Book of Kell’s “. Southernaire Restaurant is also known for hosting Fly Ins by local small plane clubs.

 This block is sponsored by Southernaire owners, Bingo and Martha Powell, and George and Susie Powell, and Leroy Powell.

Stop 22: Rock Alsobrooks Farm

Ann Morrison celtic quiltCross Hares

115 Brooks Lane, Erin

This stunning block is located just off Brooks Lane and can be viewed as you drive on Highway 13, approximately 4 miles north from the Highways 13 and 49 Crossroads.  Keep following Hwy 13 approximately 2 miles and you will come to another Celtic Block on the opposite side side of the highway the Felts Farm.

This block is sponsored by: Charles Alsobrooks and Robin Freeman

Stop 23: Felts Family Farm

Log Cabin

The Felts Family Century Farm is located at 118 Felts Loop just off Hwy 13 heading North toward Clarksville.

The Felts Farm is one of seven Century Farms located in Houston County.

Some folklore meanings to the log cabin quilt relate to the center piece and how the quilt block is pieced together. The center piece was traditionally a red square and was believed to stand for the hearth of the house, as told by the quilters to others in the late 1800s. Read more: The History of the Log Cabin Quilt |

This quilt block is sponsored by Patricia & Jimmy Felts.

Stop 24: Bateman Mill – Sullivan Farm

EPSON scanner image1375 Bateman Branch Rd, Erin

The Bateman Sullivan Farm is one of seven Century Farms located in Houston County. This block represents the history of their farm signifying the Old Mill.  This block can be found traveling South approximately a mile from the intersection of Hwy 49 and Hwy 13, turning on Bateman Branch Road.

This block is sponsored by the Sullivan Family.


Additional Blocks coming to the Trail are:

“Welcome Home” Lonnie Gray
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