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Celtic Quilt Trail Background

February 19, 2010

The Houston County Celtic Quilt Trail was organized to guide folks through the natural beauty of our towns and countryside and is meant as a salute to our Celtic heritage and history, and the art of quilting.  As you follow our Celtic Quilt Trail, take time to appreciate the beauty, rural charm and historic landmarks along the way.  Stop and see the Erin Limekilns, these are located on Hwy 49 near the rock quarry and the Mason’s Lodge.  The Limekilns were erected around 1871 and were major economic contributors to the area.  Don’t miss Danville Landing and McKinnon Airport a few miles past the Southernaire Restaurant, the historical railroad pavilion near the Betsy Ligon Walking Trail,  the historic 1780 Loftin log home, the Valley View Century Farm on Bethany Road and much more across our quaint county.

Our trail boasts a total of 17 stops, three of the blocks, “Lough Corrib”, “The Children of Lir” and “Kell’s Knot”, were designed by renowned quilter Philomena Duncan and used by permission.  Some of these blocks you will find on downtown business and some nestled in our rural countryside on barns and out buildings.   Please use caution and take appropriate safety measures when stopping, these are mostly located on public roadways. Please show respect to the blocks on private property and view these from the roadside.


Trail In the News…

April 30, 2010

The Quilters Newsletter is doing an article on our trail.  It will be in the August/September issue, which will be in stands late July.  Look for the article in the News Section.

Quilters Newsletter is a specialized publication for quilt lovers and quiltmakers. Its domestic and international readership includes professional and nonprofessional quiltmakers, quilt collectors, dealers, historians, teachers, and rural and urban dwellers.

QN is regarded as a leader, authority, and primary resource in the quilt field. Six magazines are published each year. The magazine is available on newsstands, in quilt shops and libraries, and by subscription or single copy from the publisher, Creative Crafts Group, at 741 Corporate Circle, Suite A, Golden, CO 80401.

The magazine content includes articles on quilt design, history, patterns, trends, techniques, current events in quilting, personalities, and product comparisons and reviews. It covers exhibitions, contests, significant quilt-related charitable efforts, major awards, and trade news. We review quilt books and electronic media. Qn offers quiltmaking lessons and workshops on techniques. Many quilt teachers use the magazine as a text or reference in their classes. QN provides useful information for beginner, intermediate, and advanced quiltmakers, and maintains a balance between traditional and innovative quilting.